In the heart of the land of the trulli, in the “Murgia”, crouched in an enchanting valley, the “Antica Masseria Gianfelice” comprises of a cluster of age-old trulli with significant historical value, and lends its name to the whole of the surrounding area. The origins of the “Antica Masseria Gianfelice” can be traced back to the 17th century, when a rural community was established in the area, brought about by the hard-working people of Martina Franca. They persisted in their never-ending struggle to master the harsh nature and stony ground of the “Murge” and started to build trulli and to cultivate the land to which they were so deeply attached. The careful restoration of this fine old structure has not changed the intrinsic historical characteristics, but allows the spirit of the place to flow, maintaining the original style of the ancient trulli along with the “pietra viva” – the hand-cut stones used in their construction. The “Antica Masseria Gianfelice” is a symbol of the territory of stone, with the fan-shaped terraces gradually rising, with the characteristic “specchie” (graduated stone structures), the “iazzi” (courtyards), the dry-stone walls and accompanying “passatori” (narrow tracks and paths), and seems perfectly situated in an unspoiled environment, a natural setting which harbours a fairytale-like oasis of peace and calm. The surrounding woodlands of centuries-old oak trees help make it possible to enjoy a cool and airy climate, with the scents of pine, almond, Mediterranean scrub and other indigenous plants making long walks, jogging and trekking an enjoyable experience. Nowadays the Masseria is no longer used as previously, and rather than being a rural trading centre it is an exclusive and refined, sophisticated residence. Here you can feel the presence of the past and rebuild a relationship, rekindle a connection, discover and explore history and the ancient roots of the people of Martina Franca. The whole cultural evolution of the area is reflected in the refined architectural details and atmosphere of the Masseria, evidenced by those little special touches, enhanced comforts and a warm and inviting welcome. Each room, with independent access, is graced with elegant hand-crafted furnishings and there is a TV, bathroom with shower, central heating and the natural air movement and temperature regulation inherent to trulli.

The Antica Dimora Gianfelice has ample parking, a terrace with natural solarium, a gazebo and terrace overlooking the garden, five suites, a guest room and a reading room, located in the central part of the trulli of the structure and characterized by dry-stone original by thick circular walls and large windows. Each suite is a small work of art of architecture and demonstrates a perfect balance between history and modernity. The habitat of the trulli stone gives a typical only and remain "naturally" the house warm in winter and cool in summer.

All residences overlook courtyards shaded by century-old pine trees and oaks, are equipped with amenities to make your holiday more enjoyable, reviving its guests a unique atmosphere and unique. The interiors are characterized by simple elegance, are extremely beautiful, bright and airy, have been the subject of a thorough and sophisticated restoration carried out in full respect of ancient forms and original materials and offer a dignified, charming suites in trulli with time cone, with stone and white stone floors, furnished with elegant handmade furniture and furnishings. All suites feature stone arches that separate the various spaces are equipped with private bathrooms with showers, entirely made of white stone, sofas, TV, minibar, heating and air conditioning direct commands dall'abitat course of the trulli. Everything was taken care to meet the needs and requirements of our guests, to spend a totally relaxing and rejuvenating experience, to make it more enjoyable holiday in Puglia and enjoy at the same time, the charm and romance of the charming rooms in the trulli where you can regain your energy and relaxation. The encounter with this beautiful farmhouse causes a heady feeling of well-being where the senses are affected by the color of white stone, which contrasts with the blue of the sky, the scent of the Mediterranean, by the sounds of nature.